Meet Ross

Ross is a guitarist, bassist, and singer-songwriter living in Rochester, New York.

He combines his love of many different styles of music into an engaging and entertaining performance. From hokum blues, to interpretations of Romantic piano, dragged through Tin Pan Alley and beaten up on the fringes of jazz, Ross is proudly all over the map.

Typically eschewing sentimentality for light-hearted humor, he hopes that his songwriting casts a smile across the follies of himself and his fellow imperfect beings. “Keep on trying” is the main message the fifty-cent philosopher wishes to send.

He’s been playing guitar since 1990, and studied for a few years with Rochester acoustic jazz guitarist Steve Greene. The informality of their lessons was akin to scattering seeds across an open field: years later, Ross continues to finally figure out out what Steve was trying to teach him. He’s developed a dynamic style that stands well on its own and as accompaniment for his voice.

Give his music a listen and he hopes you will agree!

With The Tabletop Three, Ross sits in the bass chair. Having played tuba and electric bass in the past, he’s long had an affinity for the bottom line. He was a regular at Gordon Munding’s Son House Blues Night, where he had the chance to play with a variety of different musicians, as has played bass with W. B. Blues and the 3D Electric Blues Band. As part of TT3, alongside Curtis Waterman on harmonica and Steve West on guitar, he brings a percussive instrumental attack and a light-hearted vocal delivery to the mix.